Shelley Beattie

Vital statistics:

Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150-155 lbs
Notable Athletic Accomplishments:
Occupation: Favorite activities: Rock climbing (5.11), Olympic Kayaking, Modern, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop dancing, Weightlifting/bodybuilding, rollerblading, gymnastics, biking, equestrian, football, swimming, track & field, national level heptathalete, riding her Harlely Davison, acting/dance theater, in-line skating, and jogging in deep sand
Hearing Loss: Started at age 3. By sixth grade, her right ear was so far gone she needed a hearing aid. The left ear followed shortly afterwards.
College:Western Oregon State -- although receiving many scholarship offers due to her proficiency in track, she realized that she would need to quit track and concentrate on learning in order to make up for the education she missed due to her hearing loss
Favorite quotes:
Shelley Beattie is pretty much a complete embodyment of what I admire about female bodybulders. Shelley has managed to turn her life around from a suicidal teenager who couldn't come to grips with her hearing loss and found no support from her family to a very successful and popular athlete. She feels now that she has come to the point in her life where people see past her hearing loss.

Although Shelley learned to sign in American Sign Language (ASL) she enjoys speaking. She has now learned to accept her hearing loss and states that she wants specifically to adopt a deaf child someday. Although her relationship with her real parents is improving now, her hearing loss (and her denial) caused many severe problems during her childhood and she was eventually placed into a foster home -- 3 foster homes. Being stripped from her family took it's emotional toll on young Shelley and she began lifting weights about age 14 mostly out of frustration and loneliness.

Although, the America Gladiators were relectant to hire Shelley because of her hearing loss, she has now become one of the most popular stars of the show. She also shares a column in Muscular Development magazine with husband John Romano. After a successful career as one of the top female bodybuilders, Shelley decided to leave bodybuilding to persue other interests.

Next scheduled competition: 1996 Ms. Galaxy contest

To contact:
Shelley Beattie
c/o America3 Foundation
4960 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
Voice: (619) 221-2100
Fax: (619) 221-0155

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