About Denise Rutkowski...

Denise Lynn Rutkowski

Vital statistics:

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140-155 lbs
Born: Reading, Pennsylvania
Major Wins:

Favorite activities: Hanging out with the 8 kids from her Venice neighborhood that she has informally 'adopted' via her own Big Sister program

Ask any person off the street and they'll tell you without a blink of an eye that all bodybuilders are egocentric, emotionally unstable monsters who live only to lift weights and eat as much as they can. Of course, these people have never met a bodybuilder so they don't know what the hell they are talking about, but when has that ever stopped someone from stating their expert opinion? Denise Rutkowski has used her money and influence to make the lives of eight Venice kids aged 8-14 a little better. Denise feels that these kids are really having a hard time growing up in the crime-ridden Venice area and she tried to take them with her whenever she makes an out-of-state appearance. People have, in general, been very supportive of Denise and have donated tickets for special outings like a WWF tournament, Magic Mountain, and Disneyland. Since the NBC affiliate in LA did a story on them, they've received even more attention. Just recently, Denise moved out of the violent Venice neighborhood where she met 'her kids'. This move was as a result of her accidently stumbing onto a shooting in progress. When the gang members saw that she had witnessed the scene, they reloaded and took aim at her. Denise, however, still continues her work with the kids and the mother of one of the children has even granted Denise custody of her son, stating that he will be safer with Denise than at home.

Denise loves kids and feels that they have helped her become a more well- rounded person. Her idea of a perfect holiday is to take the kids far away from the city. Denise says that the thing she likes most about pro bodybuilding is the opportunity to travel all over the country and meet so many different people. Her professional goals are to be known as an exceptional guest-poser and to become Ms. Olympia. Her personal admition is to get married and have a child of her own while still being a foster parent to other children.

To contact:
Denise Rutkowski
P.O. Box 330-215
Fort Worth, TX 76163

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